Tyler Hair Owner of Old South Apparel: Gentlemen Deconstructed

Who: Old South Apparel got its start in September 2013 when I noticed everything in my closet looked the same. After owning a small clothing line in high school, River Boys & River Girls, I knew I could create unique designs to provide options for my then college-aged friends and adults. The concept of how to wear Old South products is simple… with a pair of jeans and boots!

What: I am inspired with design ideas when driving down back roads, being in the swamp, fishing on the river bank and just being around nature. It is easy to be inspired with my simple country life around Eastover. Once I have the ideas, I consult my sketch designers in South Carolina and Georgia. 

Where: To me, Southern style means the lifestyle of the South. Our slogan for Old South is “Southern Apparel for the Southern Way of Life.” That is what the brand is all about, from sitting on the porch learning from grandpa, to riding down the back roads with your girl beside you. Southern style is every bit of it. Southern style differs from other parts of the country because I feel Southerners are proud of their heritage. We are proud of where we came from and family traditions we hold near and dear to our hearts. Not to mention there’s nothing like experiencing good ol’ southern hospitality. Everything around me inspires me, how can you not love being from the South? I once traveled to Maryland and realized anywhere that didn’t serve sweet tea wasn’t for me!

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